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The video that all meat-eaters should watch and every vegetarian should own, "Meet Your Meat", narrated by Alec Baldwin, covers each stage of life of animals raised for food. No PETA videos are copyrighted, so copy them for everyone you know.

The truth about pedigree dogs pet or show types or champions..they Distroyed the old champion line from 1940s 1950s 1960s dogs ...and i wonder what history for my golden retriever...

Do you know how your brain works? While there are many mysteries about the brain, this film attempts to understand how we learn and remember.

The University of Washington Medical Centers laryngology team is dedicated to providing patients with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary care in the management of voice, swallowing and airway disorders. Dr. Albert Merati, Dr. Allen Hillel and speech language pathologist Ginger Hamilton with UWMC Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery work together to treat their patients using the newest technology and treatments.

Genetic imbalances—such as those associated with Down syndrome in humans—are generally harmful. The number of copies of a given gene, the gene dose, can be very important. In the roundworm, C. elegans, sex (male or hermaphrodite) is determined by the number of X chromosomes. Dr. Barbara Meyer explains how hermaphrodites control gene expression on their pair of X chromosomes to avoid having double the gene dose of males. By studying these sophisticated genetic systems in worms, scientists can learn more about related molecular pathways in mammals and humans.

The presence of the Y chromosome triggers a human embryo to become male. Dr. David Page describes how the Y chromosome was once very much like every other gene-filled chromosome, but in the course of vertebrate evolution has lost almost every function except making males.

An irregular heartbeat might be linked with a more serious medical condition such as Atrial Fibrillation (AF), the most common type of heart arrhythmia in the United States. Professors and physicians at Stanford University Medical Center stress the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for a number of cardiac arrhythmias that affect more than 2 million Americans. What is the difference between a benign palpitation and a life-threatening affliction?

When Anne Beidler began to notice changes in her vision, she feared the worst: she'd watched her mother lose her sight from macular degeneration. But physicians at the UW Medicine Eye Institute were able to treat Anne by injecting a new drug into her eye that began to improve her vision within hours. With 22 ophthalmologists on staff, the institute is known for multidisciplinary collaborative care of both common and complex eye conditions. Watch as a diabetic patient undergoes cataract surgery, and a woman has micrographic surgery to remove cancerous tissue from her eyelid.

Diseases of the eye substantially degrade the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In the second half of this two-part program, University of Washington School of Medicine professors Drs. Joann G. Elmore, Tueng Shen, Hugh M. Foy and Russ Van Gelder discuss leading causes of blindness, its symptoms and current and emerging treatments.

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