Cosmology, Physics

If thinks don't work out on this planet... Or if our itch to explore becomes unbearable at some point in the future.. Astronomers have recently found out what kind of galactic real estate might be available to us.

From a distance, our galaxy would look like a flat spiral, some 100,000 light years across, with pockets of gas, clouds of dust, and about 400 billion stars rotating around the galaxys center. Thick dust and blinding starlight have long obscured our vision into the mysterious inner regions of the galactic center. And yet, the clues have been piling up, that something important, something strange is going on in there. Astronomers tracking stars in the center of the galaxy have found the best proof to date that black holes exist. Now, they are shooting for the first direct image of a black hole.

In 2154 our planet has been ruined by invironmental the movie 'Avatar' , greedy prospectors from Earth descend on the world of an innocent hunter-gatherer people called the Na'vi. Their home is a lush moon far beyond our solar system called Pandora. Could such a place exist? And could our technology and our appetite for exploration one day send us hurtling ouy to reach it?

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