Explore an illustrated timeline of events in geologic history—divided by geologic eras and periods—detailing the geology, transformations, and extinctions within each timeframe. (

Broadcast (1998) Geologists who study the Earth seek to understand the processes that have shaped our planet throughout its history, creating the world we see around us. To do so they must reconstruct the Earth's past. How can we tell what happened in distant epochs when there were no witnesses to record events? Around 200 years ago scientists first began to realize that clues to the past lay all around them, in the rocks that make up the Earth's surface. As they learnt how to read these rocks, they began a journey back through time which geologists continue to this day. (

UMBC History Professor Emerita Sandra Herbert talks with host Dr. Joe Tatarewicz about her career as a Darwin scholar and her most recent book, "Charles Darwin, Geologist."

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