In the pantheon of Egyptian gods, an important role was played by the lord of the underworld, the god Osiris. In Abydos, a holy place of Egypt, there is a sacred temple in his honor, called by modern archaeologists Osirion. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt sought to build a funeral temple in this place. Their whole life was devoted to preparing the Court of Osiris in order to continue a second life in his kingdom. This mystical place attracts people from around the world, because it has many mysterious signs and bas-reliefs with a description of the unknown rites. (

How The Sahara Desert Was Made - Discovery History Science documentary

Cleopatra VII Philopator, was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

Nefertiti stands for one of ancient Egypt most famous rulers but details of her rule and life remain mostly unknown. After her death all traces of her rule have been removed and destroyed. (

We ask disturbing questions and get unbelievable answers. This video challenges everything we know about this planet. The Great Pyramid is the single remaining ancient wonder of the world so we need to know the truth. The answers are not given freely so we attain them ourselves (

Long before the glory of Rome and the marvels of today’s modern day skyscrapers, one of the world’s most amazing civilizations flourished in Egypt. Like most great civilizations, ancient Egypt’s grandeur can be attributed to a mix of natural bounty and human ingenuity. The rich waters of the Nile provided the resources and pathways to build dynamic trade routes, while Egypt’s architects dedicated themselves to harnessing the power of the Nile to engineer the stunning structures which have achieved world renown. Over the course of generations and centuries,

Ancient Egyptian religion encompasses the various religious beliefs and rituals practiced in ancient Egypt over more than 3,000 years, from the predynastic period until the adoption of Christianity in the early centuries AD.

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