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BBC Invisible World I 2010. Richard Hammond explores the astonishing miniature universe all around us. (

National Geographic Iceland Volcano Eruption HDTV

Experience the previous 24 hours, and day 1, when an asteroid began the extinction of the dinosaurs. (

A superplume explodes around 377 million years ago, and causes a huge mass extinction, that will become a threat for our ancestors, the first amphibians. (

Experience the following year after the doomsday of the dinosaurs. (

74,000 years ago a supervolcano blew up in South-East Asia, threatening the humans and every animal, causing one of the major disasters after the extinction of the dinosaurs. (

Full documentary movie about Lions in Africa.

Discover the spectacular events that shaped the world - as if you were there. Time-lapse photography techniques are combined with cutting-edge graphics to condense millions of years into seconds, bringing the incredible history of Earth vividly to life.

Chris Packham examines some of the weirdest natural events on the planet. With the help of footage taken by eyewitnesses and news crews, he unravels the facts behind each story.

Amasing BBC documentary about nature and birds.

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